About us

Welcome to BSLShader.com. The main focus of BSL Shader software discover in late 2019. We expect to give a genuine and working software to all users who came here for the BSL Shader.

We wish to grow as a center point where you could track down all the data identified with gaming spcifically MInecraft platform, and tips, and in particular, how you can utilize Minecraft and its application in a lawful and genuine manner.

Although, Author of this extraordinary thing is capttatsu who distributed it on May 24, 2019. It requires mods which is OptiFine. It developed from a basic alter to an element complete, profoundly adjustable and upgraded independent pack utilized by any sort of players the same.

We choose to serve this incredible software direct from the genuine and version to you and it is free of cost and Yes, we didn't roll out a solitary improvement in it. So go ahead and use it. This is all to help our users and individual gamers.

Thanks for coming we are happy to serve you our genuine service by providing you the BSL Shaders latest and all other old versions.