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Spooklementary Shaders: A Scary Minecraft Adventure

Spooklementary Shaders is a special pack that makes Minecraft look spooky and scary. When you use these shaders, the whole game will look different and creepy.

The colors in the game become less bright and more gloomy. The lighting flickers on and off. You might even see scary eyes appearing in dark areas! Sometimes leaves disappear out of nowhere too. The lightning bolts make the clouds glow in an eerie way. The lava looks more detailed and frightening. The jack-o'-lantern faces flicker like they are alive.

There is a lot more fog in the game world, making it hard to see far away. Everything gets much darker, especially in caves where it fades to complete blackness. During full moons, the moon turns a bloody red color. The longer you stay in darkness, you might see strange color effects and hear static noises, warning you of terrifying cave sounds.

If you want to have a really spooky Minecraft adventure, Spooklementary Shaders is perfect. It makes the game world feel haunted and frightening. Strange things happen that will make you jump with fear. Only the bravest players should use this scary shader pack!

Spooklementary 1.0

1.20.2 [+61]

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Oct 10, 2023

Spooklementary 1.1


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Oct 15, 2023


For licensing information see the "License.txt" file inside the zip.

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